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Our Culture

LifeStyles’ story dates back to 1905, when Eric Ansell first started making condoms in Richmond Australia.

Today, LifeStyles is a global leader in the sexual wellness sector, comprising of a broad range of condoms, personal lubricants, and other related products.

LifeStyles Healthcare was created on September 1, 2017, when the consortium of Humanwell Healthcare & CITIC Capital purchased the Sexual Wellness division from Ansell.

As of December 1, 2022, LifeStyles is owned by Linden Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on the healthcare industry.

This is an exciting time to join us. We combine century-long history with the opportunity of a new beginning as a stand-alone company - this means a new way of thinking, the opportunity to explore new horizons and the chance to make a mark in an exciting, fresh business.

We are empowered professionals and we are committed to creating a team of the world’s “best of the best”. Our business foundation is strong, among our values are Integrity and Respect, our people are highly engaged, and we are excited about a new phase in the company history. We have a focus on safety and teamwork - and we want you to join us!

  • Integrity & Respect

    We have great respect for people and for the environment. We always act with high levels of integrity and in the best interests of the world around us.

  • Harmony

    We encourage robust debate, but when a decision is made, we all work towards the same goals.

  • Team Work

    We know that collaboration builds stronger companies and we encourage teams working together to create greatness.

  • Passion for winning

    We want to build a strong company that can serve all stakeholders well, and to do this we will always be passionate and competitive.

  • Entrepreneurialism

    From the every beginnings of our company an entrepreneurial spirit has flowed in our veins and it is a spirit we value and strive to maintain.

Our Vision

We create joy through
Human connection

Our Mission

We bring joyful moments to all adults,
regardless of gender, race, sexuality,
ability, age or religion by supporting,
encouraging, and ensuring all
aspects of sensual wellness

Leaders speak

A view from some of our leaders

Andrea Pavlovicova

Director Global Innovation

Marta Toth

Sr. Director Global Marketing

Natalia Ryjoukhina

Chief Financial Officer at Lifestyles

Collaboration is central to LifeStyles’ success, especially when it concerns new products. Andrea Pavlovicova’s role as Global Director of Innovation and New Category Development has her managing multiple relationships to ensure that LifeStyle’s innovations are the best they can be.

Creating sensual wellness products is a process, but worth the reward of seeing the final product on shelves, selling and resonating with consumers. Andrea and her team work a year ahead and do a lot of practical creative work before getting to the final product. ‘With any new product idea, we work with our agency partners and consumers to establish the product definition, the concept of the product and what its consumer benefits are,’ she says. ‘Then, we have all the practical side of development to do.’

This collaborative process is aided by Andrea’s ability to speak six different languages, which has been useful throughout her career, especially in her dealings with agencies and suppliers around the world. ‘As the saying goes, the more languages you speak, the more times you are a person. It certainly helps when you can connect with someone in their own language.’ Andrea’s focus on collaboration is one shared by LifeStyles and allows the company to continue to innovate.

Developing strong products and brands that resonate with people is central to the work done at LifeStyles Healthcare and offers our people unique opportunities, like being part of building and shaping a brand from the ground up as was the experience of LifeStyles’ Head of Global Brand Strategy, Marta Toth.

‘Creating a new brand is one of the most fascinating things you can do in marketing, if not the most,’ Marta said, when recently asked about her experience of helping to build SKYN® into the global brand it is today. Although initially hired to manage LifeStyles’ branding and communication in Europe, Marta soon took on board the rare challenge of creating a new brand, which had to translate across markets. The project allowed her to be truly creative, resourceful and a true brand ambassador for the newcomers across the business. ‘SKYN is a brand consumers love, which we definitely get more compliments about than complaints,’ Marta says. ‘Seeing the work that I am doing at LifeStyles bring real happiness to people is the most rewarding part of my job.’

Many different cogs turn to make the LifeStyles machine work—Innovation, Marketing, R&D, Sales, Operations, HR, Legal and Finance all play a critical role.

We recently spoke with our CFO Natalia Ryjoukhina about her position and what it means to work in finance for a company with global presence and big ambitions. Natalia defines her role as helping the business achieve its financial objectives, which means new challenges every day.

The only thing she can be sure of is that she will be interacting with people from all over the world—the finance team alone operates in 8 different countries. ‘If I told you how many countries I visited in a year, it will look like I work for an airline,’ she quips. But Natalia is focused on the company vision of human connection and works hard to ensure that there is great positive connection among her team and with the rest of the organisation.

'I’m often asked about being a female CFO; I don’t understand why that is interesting to people, when we all respect each other and get along, sex, age, race and all the things that appear to make us different, seem to actually be what brings us together.' Natalia’s contribution to LifeStyles is a great example of the human connection we value as a company.

Life at LifeStyles

A career at LifeStyles is more than the work you do. It has impact on the community, on your personal growth and on the team members.


At LifeStyles, we pride ourselves on innovation. In fact, it is so important that we have a special room for it. The Ideation Room, based in our Thailand office, is where new product ideas are put forward by the research and development and innovation teams.

Whether big or small, all ideas are showcased. Some spark new products and potential improvements immediately, while others sit in the room for years, waiting for the right time to be implemented or grown. This room, a stimulating exhibition of the innovative thinking at LifeStyles, along with the close collaboration between our teams, is what enables us to launch at least four new products into the global market every year.


Teamwork is an essential part of every work day at LifeStyles. With offices around the world, this teamwork extends across time zones, cultures and even languages.

Work Place

At LifeStyles, we stay true to our vision “for the joy of human connection”. This means that it’s important to have joy in all our offices across the world! We plan activities that allow us to connect to our other teammates, celebrate achievements and focus on personal and team wellness.

Employee Testimonials

Stories from the Lifestyles family members

Verônica Wendrikoski Garcia,

Sr. Marketing Manager, São Paulo – Brazil

I joined LifeStyles as Marketing Manager for the Brazil business in 2017, then later involved with the OLAC business, being responsible for Latin America marketing. My team and I develop and support communication and product launches for these markets.

LifeStyles is a company that inspires me. It's forward-thinking and I like the mindset and culture. I am part of a team that strives to create the next generation of sexual-wellness products. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that values human connection

Marcela Martiniuc

Sr. Accountant, Finance, Brussels, Belgium

In December 2018 I started my LifeStyles journey as a junior accountant, without knowing the impact this will bring to my life. I immediately started with a very challenging assignment without knowing what to expect.

Despite the very unique start, LifeStyles opened doors of growth and development. Over these years I managed to find my way in the EMEA finance area, developing my career which has resulted in a promotion to Senior Accountant, responsible for the French entity.

Values like entrepreneurialism, teamwork and proactivity are very important to me. Plus, I feel I can always learn and constantly develop myself. I am also involved in several projects such as the development and fine-tuning of the complex VAT situation of Lifestyles Europe SAS, implementation of our e-commerce model and continuous improvement and enhancement of our ERP system.

Many thanks to everyone that has mentored and coached me, and supported my growth during this amazing journey!

Nagaraju Huliyappa,

Senior Manager Engineering, Bangalore - Suretex India

I joined LifeStyles family in 2010 as Sr. Manager-Plant Engineering. My professional journey of over a decade is amazing here. I come across many challenges year on year: overcoming challenges with the support of my leaders and my team. LifeStyles is a place where I have encountered great leaders and a highly energetic and motivated team.

LifeStyles’ values guide us to perform our duties professionally. Each and every value is unique and motivates us to respect each and every person in the company. Integrity is a core value making us feel proud of our work. Leadership encourages us to treat every individual as an entrepreneur; we are encouraged to take business decisions with ownership; there is great harmony balancing business and personal lives well; we have a passion for wining working in a highly positive environment and our batteries are always fully charged.

Pongphan Boonsirichan,

Sr. Customer Services Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

I had the pleasure of joining LifeStyles about three half years ago and immediately felt welcomed throughout the entire office. Our Bangkok office is not too big, so everybody is close. It is a great atmosphere, and our days go by quickly - Time flies when you are having fun!

Being a part of the OEM/Tender team gives me the opportunity to build friendships with the clients and the company and I truly believe in my colleagues.. When you believe in something, you automatically have the strength to persist, achieve and exceed your goals and I like being able to see how my work affects the big picture. There are always situations you cannot control in life, but when you stay positive and always look forward, every day is better than yesterday. I am happy to work for this amazing company, doing something I enjoy, and progressing my career professionally and personally.

Durga Devi,​

Associate Manager, Manufacturing Ops, Bangalore - Suretex India

I started working in the Bangalore Plant as an operator 25 years ago. After years of growing experience and knowledge, I have now evolved as Associate Manager Planning. LifeStyles has empowered me and has given me excellent opportunities to contribute in different and creative ways and offers a wonderful platform for teamwork and the spirit of passion for winning.

When I look back over my journey, the person I was and where I am today, I see LifeStyles has not only helped shape me professionally but also personally in my overall development and growth.

Rahul Vijay,

Associate Manager, Product Operations, Bangalore - Suretex India

My journey with LifeStyles started in March-2014 when I joined Bangalore plant as Assistant Manager-QA & Technical. Today, when I look back at the journey I had, I have nothing but heaps of joy & bundles of gratitude to the company for the challenges and opportunities that were offered to me to shape who I am now - Associate Manager-Global Product Operations. I work with cross-functional teams spread across the continents, sharing knowledge, understanding cultures & working together to achieve common goals!

I love the way our team works– we are not micromanaged but given the objective and are free to approach the problem and find the solution in our own way.

Every LifeStyles value is a gem of its own and has been a takeaway for me for day-to-day implementation in my personal life as well, especially Integrity & Respect and Harmony.


Customer Service Team Leader EMEA

I joined the company in 2013, on a 6-month temporary contract as Order Entry Administrator. The cooperation turned out to be so productive that not only I stayed on longer but was also promoted to the position of Customer Service Representative. In 2019, I had become an expert in my business area resulting in a promotion to the position of Customer Service Team Leader. Currently, I am also the leader of a key project, where, together with an external consultant and a group of SMEs, we manage all processes and implement various solutions to improve the system that facilitates our daily work.

Building close relationships, teamwork and mutual respect are all really important to me. My team consists of great professionals who I can always rely on and trust with the most challenging tasks. They motivate and inspire me to be a better expert and leader.

Kanagaraj M,

Manager Quality Assurance, Bangalore - Suretex India

I joined LifeStyles as Associate Manager, Quality Assurance in 2013. I manage quality functions at our Bangalore Plant and have been given multiple opportunities to continually improve quality process, enhance testing standards, implementing quality systems and lead our QA laboratory with great full support.

LifeStyles has provided me numerous trainings related to the quality systems, safety standards, environmental management systems, laboratory management systems and managerial skills development. I have had great opportunities to learn the best practices between the sites which has enhanced my skills to be a successful manager.

LifeStyles has offered me an additional responsibility to take care EHS functions and I was confirmed for getting the EMS recertification which was a wonderful moment for learning and execution in the field of EHS.

Being a part of a great team, I enjoy working to implement new regulatory requirements, challenging projects for getting certification for our laboratory, Standardising the specification between the sites, enhancing quality mind set and developing innovative ideas. My all-time focus is to deliver great quality products to our customers, to improve business success and maintain LifeStyles’ integrity, respect and brand values.

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Sexual Wellness is at the heart of the modern world health and LifeStyles is the world’s leading condom company. We envisage a brighter future, founded on an enduring culture of valuing diversity and mutual respect .Be a part of it!


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